Why Is Asbestos Still Be Found, Why People Left It, and Why People Didn’t Remove It?

As we have discussed in previous article, asbestos is one of the material which is very dangerous, this material is still exit in the world, especially in Brisbane, Australia. This material cause various diseases such as asbestosis and cancer. The question is, why asbestos is still found, why people left it and why they didn’t remove it?

In fact,

The use of asbestos has been banned in Australia, including in Brisbane. In general, the asbestos containing material is banned since 2003. It’s all forbidden!

old building may contain asbestos

Why is asbestos still be found?

The old buildings are still exist in Australia, it may still contain asbestos. As we have learned before, asbestos is widely used for various industrial needs and properties, such as for the manufacture of tiles, walls production, upholstery anti heat, brake lining, even for manufacturing of crayon. Crazy? yes is it!

So the answer of why is asbestos still be found; this is because most people do not know about the history of asbestos and they do not understand the government regulations on the prohibition of the manufacture and use of asbestos.

Then, why do many people allow asbestos exist?

The answer is, not everyone let the asbestos exist, but most people do not understand about the dangers of asbestos. Other than that, they are many people who think that removing asbestos is require expensive budget. In fact, not all of it is true, indeed we require a fee for asbestos project, but this is more important than we are endangering our health.

For example, I found an asbestos removal Adelaide tips, in that page, you will find a complete detail and procedure of removing ACM, you may also choose a contractor that works for you, other than that, you can also consult there.

In essence, just seek information and ask questions about why it is very important to totally destroy asbestos in your life.

The government also should be able to provide a comprehensive information to the entire community so the problem can be resolved properly.

Australian, especially people who live in Brisbane should be aware that leaving asbestos exist is the big problem.

In addition, the circulation of imported goods containing asbestos is another problem and we have to keep our eyes there.

From now on, wherever you find asbestos, please contact an expert to handle it, do not let this dangerous material exist, the health can not be bought with any.

Asbestos should not be allowed in our life, please report it and remove it!


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How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

How much does asbestos cost for removal or testing? $100, $1000, or more? here is the brief….

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Asbestos Removal Brisbane – Top 5 Facts!

The asbestos removal Brisbane is one of the most important service in this area and here is the top 5 facts about it, read it first before do anything related to asbestos things.

asbestos removal brisbane effect

Fact #1: in the state of Australia, Brisbane city is one of the Australia region and many people in this population is still using the asbestos home material such as the roof. Hundreds even thousands of asbestos roofs can we found here. So, we still need to aware about the Asbestos population in Brisbane

Fact #2: There is a scary fact about it, public awareness is still very low to immediately remove their asbestos in their home material. This condition can harm the owner and the people in near areas, just imagining if you’re one of the people who stay around someone who have asbestos in their home? it can be the hell for you in the future.

Okay maybe you have removed any kind of asbestos in your house, but the problem is your neighbors house are still using asbestos, So do you think that your life is safe? Of course not! The Asbestos dust is very soft/small and it can be carried away just by the air that would likely to enter through the ventilation of your house and sure you will be back to inhaling that hazard dust. The best option is to get together to immediately remove the asbestos from your area. You have to know even though the Australian government had already made the ban status to the use of asbestos, the real action from the government and the community it has still not been change significant, therefore i suggest you to take action.

Fact #3: Many alternatives to clean your asbestos home material condition, for example: you can contact any asbestos removal company in Brisbane to flush asbestos sheets so that asbestos dust cannot spreading, or ask pro to replace the asbestos material with other material such as with the woods or aluminum, so just find someone who have the skill and…

Fact #4: Licensed. That’s right, you can’t do any asbestos removal without any licenses. Removing asbestos need a skill, experiences, licenses, complete asbestos removal tools, etc. Any mistakes on removing asbestos will effect your life and it will hurt your family and people near you, so keep it correct and don’t do a stupid work!

Fact #5: Most people didn’t know that the asbestos cause cancer: mesothelioma and lung cancer are popular asbestos disease.

Read this top fact news about asbestos and cancer


Asbestos can hurt you, so this is the top facts about the asbestos industry. If you want to make sure about your home condition, just find pro about asbestos removal.

That’s all, the top 5 facts bottom line; If you live in Brisbane then you have to be careful, I found some news about asbestos removal cases in this area, also in other area. Asbestos cause cancer, asbestos removal need someone who already know about this hazard, skilled, licensed and have complete tools, the last word is now you already know about the effect of asbestos, so what’s next? double check your home and find help to solve it.

Wait, this info also will make you worry about the existing of asbestos material,

“Asbestos in toys poses an unacceptable risk to children, today as it did in 2000 and 2007, the last time tests found the deadly substance in these children’s products,..” said Dr. Philip Landrigan

So don’t waste your time, keep your family safe!

Welcome to Asbestos Removalist Blog

Welcome to the Asbestos Removalist blog, this blog will discuss about asbestos removal in general but specially in Brisbane (QLD, Australia) area because this city is one of the most popular area with asbestos cases found.

Thank you for visiting this online-paper. So guys, do you know what asbestos is? let’s find out.

Asbestos is a mineral group (mostly contain fibers), which processed into several stuff including building material, asbestos roof is one of them that usually popular and it’s easy to find it on an old building.

The use of asbestos roofing is indeed one of the alternative, it is good enough to use because easy to manage, easy to use and yes it’s cheaper than other roof materials. Asbestos roof can withstand fairly high heat, so it’s enough to protect heat of sunlight in your home.

asbestos roof removal
Asbestos roof, image courtesy: http://melbbinhiredemolition.com.au

This is the important info you must know. Asbestos fibers can cause danger to your health! While time is running, dust that contain asbestos fibers will hunt you and without realizing it, we may inhale asbestos dust!

Asbestos dust may cause lung cancer diseases even cancer, it can also cause malignant mesothelioma. Indeed, the influence of asbestos cannot be felt with a short period of time, but do we have to wait for the time to feel the impact of the dangers from asbestos? are you asbestos removalist? then you have to be carefully!

Many people do not care about the dangers of asbestos, but if you’ve read this blog, I hope you will be more aware of it and start leaving asbestos.

Back to the danger of asbestos, inhaling asbestos is more danger than inhaling cigarette smoke. And the large risk for severe lung diseases endanger people who generally work in the mines or asbestos removal industries, but it does not mean that the asbestos in your home is safe, you have to still check it before it is too late.

There are so many old buildings that use asbestos materials. So in the next post, I will give you more info about the asbestos facts, especially for you who work as asbestos removalist. See ya.